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Your marriage ended, your life didn’t.

Are you thinking about your ex and your past? Click below to stop thinking about him and start designing a life better than you had with your ex.

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Hi there

I’m Natalie

Years ago I felt sad, confused and overwhelmed as I navigated divorce with toddlers as a stay-at-home mom. I doubted myself in making decisions for my life and career. And I was stuck thinking about my ex and the past instead of what I could create for my future.

In time, I was able to heal, learned how to trust myself again, and tapped into what I wanted for me and my kids so I could make life decisions I loved.

I moved, went back to college, landed a corporate HR job, forgave my ex, started dating again and built a life I love more than the one I had with my ex.

I am now a certified life and career coach and it is my mission to help women start dreaming again, make decisions, and design a life they love after divorce.

Stop thinking about your ex and start designing a life you love

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