What if you could have a life better than the one you had with your ex?

Hi, I’m Natalie

Years ago, I was in the middle of divorce.

My husband had moved out and moved on with someone else. My world and my whole identity as a wife and stay-at-home mom to toddlers crashed down. I felt so much grief and loss. I doubted myself and wondered if I had what it took to pick up the pieces of my life.

All the decisions I had to make had me spinning in overwhelm.

The list of decisions I had to make went on and on.

I started picking up the pieces of my life one day…sometimes one hour…at a time.

I started taking control of my life. It took time to trust myself to make decisions I could love, even while feeling overwhelmed by so much grief and loss.

Over the course of the next 10 years, I moved to another state, went back to college, got my degree, and landed a corporate human resource job. I learned to parent alone and to peacefully co-parent with my ex. I learned to grieve the losses that come with divorce. And I learned to trust again, so I could start dating.

Years into rebuilding my life

I hired my first life coach.

Her tools changed my whole world. I wished I had learned the tools so much sooner in my life, especially through my divorce. I was able to forgive, let go of the past, and re-write many of the stories I was hanging onto that brought me a lot of pain.

I felt healing and joy again.

I became a new person and saw the world and myself differently. I gained a level of confidence and self trust I had never experienced before, and it showed in every area of my life. In my parenting, career, and even my relationship with my ex (and his wife, who is now my friend).

It gave me the courage to start my own business because I wanted more time and freedom with my kids. I knew I could help other women navigating divorce heal and design a life and career they could love.

So I certified as a Life and Career Coach through The Life Coach School, and created a business that eventually replaced my corporate job.

With my coaching tools, I help women navigating divorce create in months what took me a decade to create.

I love my work and seeing my clients' lives and careers transformed.

They transform because they learn exactly how to heal from pain and guilt. I love seeing them start to realize their potential and what could be possible for them. Seeing them take action in their lives because they learn how to navigate the fear.

And the best part of my work is seeing them learn to trust themselves in a way they never have and create things in their lives and careers they didn’t think was possible.

I would love to help you on your journey through divorce.

I will help you heal, make decisions you will love, and design a life better than the one you had with your ex. Click below to schedule a free hour strategy coaching session with me where I will coach you in an area of your life you are struggling in.

I can’t wait to help you!