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How to stop thinking about your ex and start designing your life.

The reason why you can’t make decisions for your life is because you’re stuck thinking about your ex and your past. Learn what to do when the thoughts show up that keep you spinning and stuck.

Hi, I’m Natalie, and years ago…

I went through a painful divorce

I was a stay-at-home mom to toddlers at the time. I had to learn to pick up the pieces of my life. Learn how to stop thinking about my ex. Learn how to make decisions for my life and future, even with all the grief, loss and change I was experiencing.

I moved, went back to college and got a human resource degree, learned to co-parent peacefully, started dating again and built a life I love more than the one I had with my ex.

I am a Certified Life and Career Coach. I have been where you are and I can help you.

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