I help divorced women create a life and career they never thought possible.

No matter where you are in the divorce process, healing is possible. Let’s work together to help you develop the confidence you need to make important decisions and move forward with your life.

Are you struggling to make decisions?

You want to create an amazing future for you and your kids, but you’re struggling because you’re stuck in the past.

Stuck in the grief, loss, and regret.

Stuck thinking more about your ex and his life than your own life.

Stuck spinning in indecision and overwhelm.

Stuck thinking your life is over because of divorce.

Stuck second guessing yourself and disbelieving in your ability to create amazing things in your life and career.

Imagine thinking more about your future than your past.

Thinking more about what you want for you and your kids instead of what your ex is doing or not doing. Worrying less about your kids and having the skills to help them navigate divorce. Waking up each day and actually feeling excited about your life again. Not being afraid of big emotions that come as you get used to your new life.

Knowing how to trust yourself in any circumstance. Being able to make decisions you will love and not second guess them. Having the confidence to take risks in your life, like moving, dating again, asking for that pay raise, or going after a new career.

Are you ready to feel joy again and calm in the storm?

Are you ready to design a life better than the one you had with your ex? Start with a free hour strategy coaching session with me.

On this call you will…

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You can heal and design a life and career you love.

A life better than you had with your ex. I know you doubt yourself and wonder if it’s really possible for you. If it’s possible for me, as broken as I felt during and after my divorce, then it’s possible for you.

I am the life and career coach to help you. Because not only do I have the coaching tools to help you, but I have navigated so much that comes with divorce over the last decade – including raising toddlers to teens as a single mom. And in addition to being a life coach, I’m also a career coach with years of human resource and recruiting experience.

I went from stay-home-mom to college student, to working in corporate, to starting my own business. I can help you create anything you want in your life and career.

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